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Joseph Wagner

Joseph is a seasoned professional within the financial services industry, having commenced his career in 2008 with Freedom 55 Financial, subsequently expanding his expertise through contracting with Customplan Financial Advisors in 2009. Over the years, Joseph has cultivated a successful business dedicated to the formulation of robust financial plans, exemplifying the integration of conservative principles to optimize growth potential while mitigating life’s inherent risks.

In his most recent appointment, Joseph is assuming the pivotal role of Marketing Director for Customplan in Alberta, underlining his commitment to supporting advisors in business growth and facilitating the realization of financial aspirations for Canadians.

A passionate advocate for continuous education in the financial sector, Joseph has been a stalwart member of the Advocis Banff School committee since 2017, serving as the Technology Chair. In this role, he has played a key part in delivering exceptional educational opportunities, ensuring Canadian Financial Advisors stay abreast of the latest information and strategies.

Joseph’s professional journey is underscored by a string of notable designations, including the Certified Financial Planner® (2011), Elder Planning Counselor (2011), Certified Health Specialist (2019), and the Real Wealth Management™ designation, which he completed with honours in 2020. Demonstrating his commitment to excellence, he also achieved honours in the completion of the Canadian Securities Course in 2023.

His multifaceted skill set, combined with a steadfast dedication to ongoing education, positions Joseph as a valuable asset within the financial services sector. His diverse experiences and professional achievements underscore a commitment to delivering top-tier financial services while contributing to the continued advancement of the industry.

Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. is an award-winning managing general agency, servicing advisors across Canada. At Customplan, we believe in empowering and creating independent advisors.

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