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Dan Steinkey

My career in Financial Services has drawn me across Western Canada. After graduating from the University of Manitoba in the spring of 1995 with a degree in Finance, I started my career in Vancouver as an independent life insurance agent with clients in Manitoba and British Columbia. During this early stage in my professional development, I learned several lessons about banks, money, and myself. A year and a half later, I received an offer to join Rice Financial in Brandon, Manitoba, and jumped at the opportunity. I had learned a hard lesson about how difficult it can be to start a financial career as an independent advisor.

It was during my time at Rice Financial that I truly learned the importance of delivering on a promise. Four years after joining the company, I was a Certified Financial PlannerTM charter holder. I was then transferred to the Calgary office and took on the additional responsibilities of being the branch manager and the provincial compliance officer for mutual fund sales in Alberta. Three years later I came back to Manitoba, this time to look after Rice Financial’s $1.8 billion term deposit business and, eventually, their $2.0 billion mutual fund business.

Eleven years after joining Rice Financial, I felt my development had peaked and I accepted an offer from Equitable Life to be a wholesaler for their investment products in Manitoba and North Western Ontario. My duties included training advisors about Equitable Life’s line-up of investment products.

During my tenure at Equitable Life I realized that I belonged “out in the trenches”, helping everyday Canadians. I wanted to provide professional financial planning, responsible advice, and superior customer service and disclosure. Then after 3 years with Equitable Life and 14 years in the corporate world, I returned to my passion—helping Canadians understand the basics of responsible money management and financial planning.

Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. is an award-winning managing general agency, servicing advisors across Canada. At Customplan, we believe in empowering and creating independent advisors.

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