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At Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. our mission is to provide each of our member Associates with a customized plan offering the right balance of independence, guidance, autonomy and support, which best fits his or her individual practice and personality.

When you become one of our Associates, we assist you in customizing a plan, which is specifically designed to help you and your practice grow.

By offering customized technical, legal, financial, marketing, selling and administrative support, all Custom-Planned to fit your specific needs, we assist you in preserving your independence while working with a team of professionals.

Why Us?

You and your practice are unique. We know that no simple formula will work for all advisors. This is why we offer you a Custom-Planned alternative.

Through a unique Custom-Planned process, we assist you in identifying, implementing and evaluating the strategic options required to realize your goals and objectives.

Our Philosophy

Not all Advisors are identical, and not all Advisors are at the same stage of their business cycle.

If you are a specialist in your field, and are looking for a team of experts in other fields, with whom to conduct joint cases in order to expand your practice and build stronger relationships around your clients, your needs and objectives will be different than the ones you have if you are a new financial advisor, who has just entered our industry and is working on building his or her new client base.

We believe that both of you are very important to our industry. We also know that in order to assist each of you in succeeding, we need to provide you with different sets of technical, legal, financial, educational, marketing, selling and administrative tools.

The Benefits

The financial market is highly professional and highly competitive.

We know that no one simple formula will work for all Advisors.

This is why at Customplan Financial Advisors Inc. we have created a Custom-Planned Process, which will help you to evaluate your existing practice and your present degree of success, and take you and your practice to the next level.

Our Custom-Planned Process consists of an evaluating system, which will help you assess where you are in your career, and move you to your next level of achievements. All levels include the four fundamental columns, which support you and your practice in building a trampoline to reach greater success. They are: Orientation, Confirmation, Implementation & Evaluation. Through this process you will discover where the perfect balance is between the independence you like, and the guidance you want. You will no longer lose energies with too many activities, which you cannot control, and focus instead on those activities, which will give you the best results.